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Inventor: Jesse R. Goodrich



  • A remarkable new fishing reel and rod accessory that is extremely "User Friendly."

  • A fishing rod with reel clamp and finger grip assembly that reduces angler fatigue and stress when holding a rod for a long period of time (i.e. Party Boat fishing).

  • Allows the angler to change holding positions of the hand while still protecting the equipment, and still allowing for an immediate response of the angler to a sudden strike.

  • Provides better control of the equipment regardless of wet weather conditions and/or wet hands of the angler.

  • Can be removable mounted on any conventional rod and reel assembly.

  • Easily mass-produced at a very affordable cost.

  • Can be made in varies sizes, colors, and styles to fit any conventional rod and reel assembly used in salt and fresh water fishing.

  • Can be sold by infomercials, mail catalogs, most department and discount store, sporting stores, bait shops, and marinas.

  • Has been awarded a United States Patent.

  •  Opens up a new and highly profitable product line with unlimited National and International marketing opportunities.

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