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A Product for Manufacturers of Fishing Rods and Reels

Introducing for licensing a remarkable new fishing reel and rod accessory that is extremely user friendly. The invention illustrated here in this website features a fishing rod with a reel clamp and finger grip assembly that reduces angler fatigue and stress when holding a rod for long periods of time The primary objective of this invention is to provide fresh and saltwater anglers with a `Reel Clamp and Finger Grip Assembly that provides an alternative grip of the rod. This allows the angler to change holding positions while still protecting the equipment, allowing immediate response to a strike, and still providing an alternative leveraging of rod and reel when fighting large fish. It is a clever change in rod design that simply makes it much more enjoyable and comfortable to fish for any type of fish


Present rod and reel combinations while being effective offer little with regard to comfort, when fishing for hours. Much of the problem is that there is only one way to handle the rod/reel and after a period of time it can be fatiguing and may distract from the enjoyment of fishing. This pointed out a need that led Inventor Jesse Goodrich to the development of his unique Reel Clamp and Grip Assembly. It provides better ergonomic gripping control regardless of the fishing conditions, and/or the wet/dry conditions of the anglers hands. It is an assembly that can be easily mounted and removed to and from any conventional rod and reel assembly.


It is a rod and reel attachment accessory that can be made in different sizes, styles, and colors to fit and rod used in salt and fresh water fishing. The design used is simple and uncomplicated. This simplicity of design will enable it to be easily mass produced at a very affordable price. It is a comfortable rod improvement that has been awarded a United States Patent, and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.



This clever innovation fills a real need for over 60 million anglers. Once introduced, consumers acceptance should be enthusiastic and immediate. Marketing will be easy, as it can be sold by TV Informercials, sporting good store, most department and discount stores, marinas, and bait shops. It is a product that is easily packaged and shipped , allowing it to be offered in a variety of catalogues, including mail orders. This rod and reel accessory opens up a new unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.



THIS IS AN INVENTION IN WHICH THE INVENTOR HAS USED SIMPLICITY AND CAREFUL PLANNING IN ITS BASIC DESIGN. Because of this, the design is practical and consideration has been given to manufacturing technique. It is a product that offers some unique possibilities and one that deserves series consideration from manufacturers in the industry.




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MR. JESSE R. GOODRICH                PATENT#5,956,884 

68 N. SCHOOL LANE                         PATENTED 09/28/99

SOUDERTON, PA. 18964                5 CLAIMS GRANTED


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