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I will be taken a trip to South Korea leaving on June 22, 2002 and returning on June 27,2002 with the Pusan Trade Office located in Miami Florida. My objective for the trip is to meet potential manufacturers who will provide me a quality product, with packaging at a reasonable price. Regardless of the outcome. I will make it a vacation inclusive to being my first overseas trip.

So do come back in July when I will be posting the results of my trip as well as pictures of the experience. By the way, I will be traveling with a group on a trade mission with similar objective, however I plan on staying an additional day, and will be returning alone.


Well I am back, had a great trip, and met some very wonderful people. Not only did I obtain my objective of meeting a potential manufacturer,. I also met other manufacturers who would provide the opportunity to add other products my lineup should I decide to expand under a product name and logo. Below are some photos that are in chronological order, and somewhat detail my experience in Pusan, Korea.

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It was raining when I finally arrived in Pusan, Korea after about 20 hours in the air exclusive of the time in L.A. and Inchon, Korea waiting for my next flight. These photos are of Pusan from a tower atop a mountain that is at the highest point of the city. 

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These are other pictures of Pusan from another angle.

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These are some of the other individuals mostly from Ecuador and Mexico on the trade mission to include the Director of the Pusan Trade Office in Miami, Fl.

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Now, a real welcome to Korea would not be complete without a traditional Korean lunch, to include a welcoming by the City Officials at Pusan's City Hall.

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A traditional raw seafood dinner as a guest of a major USA sports footwear manufacturer to include the Director of the Pusan Trade Office of Miami.  

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The World Cup Soccer game being held in Soule Korea was a major event, and there were large screen televisions throughout the hotel, and on the beach where hundreds of people gathered. The teams playing were South Korea and Germany. Germany won, but you could not tell by the true sportsmanship of the people of South Korea.

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Everyone is in the spirit of the game and having a great time.

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These are some group photos taken after the game.

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At the Grand Hotel in Pusan, there was a Manufacturer's Expos where  I had the opportunity to interview with some of the leading manufacturers of fishing and outdoors accessories. 

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Later I got the opportunity to visit their retail and manufacturing facilities in other cities. Larger manufacturing facilities were located in China and Vietnam where the cost of manufacturing is of a lesser cost than manufacturing in South Korea ....... Taxes !!!!!! 

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Here I give special thanks to Hong-ja Nam who was my interpreter, and was by my side not only at the Manufacturer's Expos in Pusan, but also while visiting manufacturing facilities in other cities of South Korea. The last two photos were taken from the window of my room in the Grande Hotel.  

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